Las Vegas, Nevada

January 2020 -AVN-

The Las Vegas SUPER SUITE! We will kick off AVN week 2020 by offering 2 nights in a super suite! Each night requires an individual ticket. Night 1: Monday - best suited for

MFC models, although models from any cam/clip site welcome! Suite hours 7pm-9am.

Night 2: Tuesday - best suited for models from all sites. Suite hours 7pm-9am

(the reason we say Monday is best suited for MFC models is because we know

MFC will host a model meet up party on Tuesday night <3)

ONLY models who have applied, been invited and purchased a super suite ticket will

be permitted in the super suite. We will have security staff managing the door. No 

guests will be granted access to the suite at any time, for any reason. We cannot 

guarantee the reliability of hotel internet, if you plan to cam we strongly suggest 

you come prepared with a hot spot or unlimited cell data to use your phone as one.


Tickets to the Las Vegas Super Suite include 1 night in a luxury suite for camming and content creation. CamCation will provide each model with a gift bbBag as well as food, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. The trunk of tricks for this retreat will

serve as a lingerie swap. It will be pre-stocked with gently used items.

Please be prepared to leave an item when you take an item <3


Flights should be scheduled in and out of McCarran International Airport. Please note, the super suite is for content creation and live camming only. Overnight sleeping accommodations are not available and models should reserve a

hotel room depending on individual schedules and plans.

Models are responsible for their transportation.

Please contact us if you have any questions. If you would like to reserve a spot, please submit an application.

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