CamCation Q&A

Q: Who is behind Camgirl Vacation?

A: MayaBum created it and is the sole owner of the business while also planning and hosting events. Amandarox joined the team in August 2018 as planner and co-host for retreats. That's it, it's just the two of us behind the scenes making all the magic happen!

Q: What is the difference between Camgirl Vacation and CamCation?

A: The business overall is called Camgirl Vacation and each retreat trip is referred to as a CamCation, but either one is fine to use.

Q: Can models just visit the CamCation houses? Can I bring my boyfriend? 

A: Nope. Only models who purchase a ticket are allowed on property. We don't think it is fair or safe to have people coming and going from the retreat property, nor does it maintain a model safe vibe for everyone if someone brings along a significant other. Cam babes only please.

Q: Can members visit the CamCation houses or meet up with models in town nearby?

A: Absolutely not! We ask that attending models keep the CamCation locations private for everyone's safety. Depending on the retreat, we prefer models only leave the CamCation house as a group. If models wish to meet members, we suggest doing that at conventions. Please note that some of the trips we host are done strategically before or after industry events. For example Colorado CamCation was hosted after Denver exxxotica so models could attend that prior to CamCation offering opportunities for members to visit them at the booths within the convention setting.

Q: Can I apply to attend if I am a CamGuy or if we are a CamCouple etc?

A: At this time we are only open to solo female models, but we hope to offer more variety in the future planning specifically for CamGuys, Couples and especially a retreat featuring our favorite Trans models! Trans women are always welcome to apply for a CamCation retreat!

Q: Is there a minimum age to attend a CamCation retreat?

A: Yes, we ask that all attendees be a minimum of 21 years old at the time of the retreat they attend.

Q: Do I have to have a certain look to apply for a CamCation?

A: No. We aim to be as inclusive as possible and encourage all interested ladies to apply. We do not discriminate based on body type, ethnicity, "style" or anything like that. We want anyone who will be driven and productive at an event to apply to attend because we know what it can do for a model's success to network with others and make new content to profit from. Come one, come all!

Q: Do I have to have a certain rank or number of followers to apply for a CamCation?

A: No. However, please be self motivated and professional. If you are newer to the cam world or think coming on a CamCation will boost you to instant stardom because you may be seen on cam with or collaborating in content with other models with larger audiences than you, you are looking to attend for the wrong reason. This is about providing attendees with space to make things for themselves or to network with other models who we feel you should be approaching in a fair and equally beneficial way. Attending a CamCation is about you investing in your own success. Anything that comes from working with the other models at a retreat should be considered a bonus. Please do not have expectations of others.

Q: Does Camgirl Vacation produce, own or redistribute content made at the retreat?

A: No.  We (CamCation, Maya, Amanda) do not produce any pornographic content for models at the retreats. Therefore, all content is self produced and you (and any models you chose to collaborate with) retain all rights to that content. We do not operate studio accounts and do not redistribute any of the attendee content for our profit. That's not at all what we are about. We simply want to provide attendees with a safe, industry friendly environment in which all can self produce new, quality content. We do ask attendees to sign a model release for little behind the scenes pics and clips (like what appears on snapchat) so we can use those to promote the current and future retreats on platforms such as twitter and instagram.

Q: It says tickets are non-refundable, can you give more details?

A: Yes, when selling you a ticket to a retreat, we need to be sure you are committed to attending. If a problem arises, please be open to communicating with us so we can try to help you if we can, but otherwise yes, deposits and tickets are non-refundable. If for some reason within the application/deposit period we have to cancel a retreat because it doesn't fill up or some other reason on our end, we will do our very best to transfer deposits or come to an agreement that is fair for everyone. Camgirl Vacation fronts a lot of money to put these retreats on and the non-refundable policy helps us depend on you so the other attending models can depend on us. It ultimately protects everyone's investment. We hope you understand and feel this is what is most fair for everyone.

Q: What is included in my ticket for a CamCation retreat?

A: Each CamCation is a little different so it is important to review each retreat individually for the specifics on this question. All CamCation retreats include the overnight accommodations, food and non-alcoholic beverages, and additional extras like our Gift bbBags and Traveling Trunk Of Tricks. 

Q: Alcohol isn't provided? Why?

A: This is a work related retreat and we aim to maintain a professional environment. If attendees wish to purchase their own alcoholic beverages and consume responsibly in moderation, that's fine. Colorado is the only event we open this policy up to include allowing models to purchase their own marijuana and consume responsibly in moderation. At all CamCation retreats we hold the policy that illicit and illegal drugs are not allowed and if you are found to have them, you will be required to leave the retreat immediately, not permitted to return and will not receive a refund.

Q: What is a Gift bbBag?

A: At each retreat we offer our signature Gift bbBag. They have a variety of swag, gifts and sponsored items we hope every model loves. The items in the bags are different at each event.


Q: What is the Traveling Trunk Of Tricks?

A: Exactly what it sounds like :) We now have a CamCation trunk that will travel to each retreat stocked full of specific themed items that all attending models are welcome to *borrow* from during the retreat. We accept donated and sponsored items that basically are just there to use and then give back for another model to use in the future. Items like props, backdrops, costumes, lingerie(except panties) offer inspiration and fresh look to content, but without the overhead expense of having to purchase all those things.. It's a sisterhood / sharing is caring kinda vibe <3

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