CamCation is co-hosted by MayaBum and Amandarox. We sell tickets to attend luxury retreats that are openly accepting of the lifestyles of webcam models and independent content producers. We aim to foster a safe and fun environment in which attendees may shape their own experience where it is acceptable to live stream on adult webcam sites and self produce adult content. We represent ourselves as your hosts only and are not in any way acting as your content producer, personal assistant, medical professional, legal council or anything else. We do not operate any ‘studio’ accounts, we do not retain any rights to or resell for our own profit the content you may produce at a retreat nor will we help you to produce explicit content at a retreat. You remain responsible for yourself and all legalities regarding your adult webcam/content business at all times. At the start of each retreat all attending models are required to complete a packet of paperwork, including a 2257 age verification form and non-disclosure agreement to protect everyone in attendance’s personal and private information. Our retreats are not a 24/7 party environment. We do not permit illegal drugs or excessive drinking and reserve the right to ask you to leave if you are not able to conduct yourself in a professional and respectful manner. Our primary goal is for everyone to enjoy a SAFE and FUN retreat. Thank you for understanding. We hope you appreciate these policies <3

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