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Hi ! 

 My Name is Maya and I started Camgirl Vacation because I wanted to offer my fellow camgirls safe, affordable and fun opportunities to travel. 

 We enjoy this very unique career and lifestyle, but many of us don't get out much. I often find myself dreaming of getting out to travel to destinations, but not being able to afford the expense of the trip for one person or the time away from cam.

 I believe that when women put their talents and strengths together toward a common goal we can accomplish the greatest of feats! So let's work together to give ourselves something we all deserve and is likely way overdue; a CamCation!

 Camgirl Vacations are many things. Let's start with the most obvious, they are time off! Each event is unique so it is important to select one that best suits what you are looking to get out of your trip. Next, CamCations are an opportunity to meet and collaborate with other camgirls. This is socially renewing, given how isolating our jobs can be. Additionally, CamCations are a mega perk that we should all be taking advantage of. We get to take our work with us anywhere, right? So let's offer our viewers some new scenery while treating ourselves to a change of pace and some much deserved self care time.

 In closing, I saw a need for this type of business within our community and I fully intend on filling that void with a quality and reliable travel and event option for camgirls, by camgirls. It is important to me to uphold my integrity and everyone's safety. I was scared to think of what situations my fellow cambbs might get into if event are not hosted by trustworthy individuals. 

 So THANK YOU for your interest in what I have created. Thank You for wanting to be a part of something new and exciting that I hope will continue for a long time to come. Thank you for trusting me and my brand with your vacation time. 

 I am looking forward to making memories with each and every one of you. Let's start planning!

 xx MayaBum

ABOUT | Camgirl Vacation - planning guru and co-host Amandarox


I’m Amandarox, and I have been a cam model and content creator for several years. I have 3 cats and adore baking and cooking in my spare time. I joined CamGirl Vacation in August 2018 after an amazing experience during a past CamCation event. Maya and I complement each other perfectly, resulting in well thought-out and meticulously planned events for a successful trips for the models who attend. We are here to bring you fun and exciting experiences at amazing locations. So pack your bags, let’s go on a CamCation




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